Pure Equity Vs Asset Allocation: Which is better?

Introduction When considering mutual fund investments in equities, individuals often find themselves at a crossroads: should they opt for a pure equity-oriented mutual fund or a balanced/hybrid scheme? This decision may impact their investment goals and risk tolerance significantly. The Appeal of Balanced/Hybrid Funds Many investors are drawn to balanced or hybrid mutual fund schemes … Read more

UTI Mutual Fund launches ‘UTI Innovation Fund’: Nine things to know

UTI Mutual Fund Launches ‘UTI Innovation Fund’ UTI Mutual Fund has unveiled its latest offering, the ‘UTI Innovation Fund,’ an open-ended equity scheme designed to harness the power of innovation and drive growth. This fund adopts a bottom-up investment approach, focusing on innovation-oriented businesses and disruptors poised for non-linear growth. The New Fund Offer (NFO) … Read more

How to Transfer Shares from One Demat Account to Another

Transferring shares from one Demat account to another is a straightforward process, but it involves a few essential steps and adhering to certain guidelines set by stock market regulatory authorities. This guide will walk you through the process of transferring shares between Demat accounts. Step 1: Verify Eligibility and Requirements Before initiating the transfer, ensure … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Do KYC for Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have emerged as a popular investment option for individuals looking to grow their wealth over time. However, before you can start investing in mutual funds, you must complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. KYC is a mandatory regulatory requirement designed to verify the identity of investors and prevent fraudulent activities. In this … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Invest in Direct Mutual Funds

Introduction Investing your hard-earned money wisely is a crucial step towards achieving your financial goals. One avenue that has gained popularity in recent years is direct mutual funds. Direct mutual funds offer investors a more cost-effective way to invest in the market, bypassing the traditional route of investing through intermediaries like brokers or distributors. In … Read more

When will to exit from not performing mutual funds?

When Will Mutual Funds Recover: A Comprehensive Analysis Investors in mutual funds have experienced a rollercoaster ride in recent years. The market has seen its fair share of ups and downs, and this volatility has left many wondering when their mutual fund investments will finally recover. In this article, we’ll delve into the factors affecting … Read more